The Kunai are powerful weapons if used correctly, they are tipped with different substances in alchemization giving them unique properties. there are currently 2 Kunai, the fire and the ender kunai

Special Types of KunaiEdit

The First Kunai that can be crafted would be the

Ender Kunai:

The ender kunai is a kunai with an Ender Tip that through alchemical transfusion has been imbued with the abilities of the enderpearl

The Second Kunai that would be crafted is the

Fire Kunai:

The fire kunai is a kunai that has been transused with the explosive abilities of Blaze dust.

Uses ingameEdit

The Ender kunai if not obviously clear is thrown like an enderpearl and where it lands the user is teleported. unlike the enderpearl however the damage received when an enderpearl is used is negated and is not given to the player.

The Fire kunai is also thrown like an enderpearl, however upon landing on the ground. An explosion occurs that is similar of that to TNT.


there are several bugs including if using under a stack of Kunai (5) then the kunai would be replaced into your inventory and you could use it again. however this introduces some NPE's (null pointer exceptions/errors) into your game that i am currently trying to fix.